The next time you're planning to visit Heritage Park in Coldwater, MI be sure to bring your power cord with you! A new installation at the park allows you to charge your phone, tablets, and other electronics thanks to a donation from Solar Time Tracker LLC.

In a recent post on the official City of Coldwater website, officials announced the new donation saying,

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Get all charged up with our new Solar time tracker! Now located in Heritage Park, this picnic table will allow visitors to utilize solar power to charge their phones or use their computers. It will be able to be used year-round. Thank you to Solar Time Tracker, LLC for donating this to our community and to Sharon and Dennis Peet for choosing Coldwater Recreation for this generous donation.

What seems like a futuristic device is actually a much needed addition! This new solar powered picnic table allows adults and children alike to enjoy fresh air and the outdoors all while maintaining productivity. I also can't help but think of all the parents who let their children venture out for the day alone, this helps ensure that their phone battery won't go dead while they're away from home.

Solar powered products like these picnic tables have already become popular in places across the globe like Australia and on college campuses right here in the U.S. I'm assuming the rise in popularity coincided with social-distancing measures during the pandemic.

A company who offers a similar product, Sunbolt, says their products harness, "the world’s most dependable resource, the sun... [and] can be found in outdoor spaces around the country, on college and corporate campuses, as solar picnic tables in parks, for trails, stadiums, business parks, town centers and more!"

I would love to see more accessible products like this pop up around the west Michigan area. They'd especially be a great addition at the beach! Have you seen any products like this around the area?

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