When it comes to working out, finding something that makes you want to move is key. That's my personal opinion. Whether that's running, hiking, kayaking, kickboxing, or anything in between, if you don't enjoy it you're probably not going to stick with it, right?

We, as humans, are constantly finding new ways to keep ourselves active. But, have you heard of cardio drumming?

This is something I just stumbled across on Tiktok and it's happening right here in SW Michigan.

Using coordinated routines while utilizing exercise balls and drumsticks, this class in Otsego from a place called Flamazing Nutrition has found a fun way to keep people moving:

This looks like the kind of class that would be perfect for those with previous injuries or those just starting their fitness journey. The movements still require coordination and muscle movement but, it's all low-impact.

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Plus, as a former band kid, this just looks enjoyable. Of course, I was on the drumline so...any excuse to hit things with drumsticks.

They even do special classes like this glow-in-the-dark one:

As far as costs are concerned, I have no idea how much Flamazing Nutrition charges for classes. However, their Facebook page does have class schedules and so on. I'm sure if you reach out there, they can answer all of your questions:

As well, you can check out more of their videos on their Tiktok.

Do you know of a local Tiktok account we should feature? Whether it's an individual you know, yourself, or a business, make your submission below:

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