Clue: I can see my reflection at this park.

Sometimes you need a little weekend getaway to blow off some steam after a stressful week.

We went to my favorite city on the planet.  Chicago!!!

When we arrived Saturday afternoon it was very cold and foggy.  A Lyft driver told us it was 80 degrees on Friday.  My timing was awesome.  42 and rainy for our weekend in Chi-Town.

Saturday night was awesome though.  A walk around some of downtown and through Millennium Park, dinner at the House of Blues.  Not to mention, our room at the Hotel Monaco was freaking amazing.  The free wine in the lobby between 5-6 p.m. sold Suzannah immediately.

Sunday we moved over to the W Hotel on Lakeshore.  Again, amazing room.  However, no where near the awesome service and convenience as the Monaco.  That kind of set the bar for our Sunday.  It did not go well.

We took a Lyft to Adler Planetarium because on-line it said $12 a person.  I can totally afford that.  After standing in a VERY long line we found out that $12 included basically...nothing.  But for $60 we could see some cool stuff.

Then we walked over to Shedd Aquarium.  I was willing to pay the price for that.  However, after 30 minutes in line outside in the cold rain.  We bailed!

We went back to our hotel for lunch only to find out the restaurant was over priced with a not so awesome menu.  To make matters worse, no food in walking distance.  Dang!

No big deal.  The main reason we came to Chicago this weekend was to see Freedy Johnston live in concert at the Old Town School of Folk.  On the Freedy Johnston facebook page it said the show was at 8 p.m. Sunday.

We took an Uber to the show.  Arrived at 7:20 to locked doors.  Then we found out the show started at 7 p.m.  After 20 minutes of panicking in the cold, we found out that not only was the time wrong...the address was wrong.  The show was across the street.

After missing the first 45 minute set of Freedy, we were in the warm venue enjoying his second set.

Freedy and his dog Sparky spent time with us after the show.  So...a tragic Sunday was saved in the end.  It almost sounds like a Freedy Johnston song.  lol

Here are a few of our Chicago trip pictures below.