People over the years have called me "eeyore" because I find the one cloud on a sunny day. Still, the Western Michigan Broncos have to win today. Or what was the point of all the hoopla this season? But I also have a second big question.

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

The second place in the MAC West Toledo Rockets come to Waldo Stadium to take on the undefeated Broncos this afternoon at 5:00pm.

Plenty of motivation for Toledo. First place in the MAC West. Derailing an undefeated, ranked team. And they're good, too. 9-2 good. This is going to be a battle.

For the Broncos, it's more than "Row the Boat". It's "you gotta win". If they don't, poof, it all goes away. Just. Like. That. No MAC playoff. In all likelihood, no ranking. Nothing. But don't think about that, kids, Just win, baby.

The game is on The Deuce (ESPN2) at 5:00 pm. And that's my second question. Will anyone but a handful of true die-hards show up? The weather is cold and ugly. But if you're going to play in the big leagues....Weather's going to be cold in Columbus on Saturday, and 100.000 will people show up. Is it asking too much to say that Waldo should have at least 20,000 for what may be the biggest game in the biggest season in Bronco history? Bundle up.