Think bullying isn't happening in our community? You're wrong.

I am not a parent, but many of my friends have children and yesterday I was brought to tears. A friend's child knocked on my door and told me that s/he (I don't want to say who and or indicate who) was being bullied at school. The other students went as far as saying that s/he would be "jumped" at the homecoming game. I was also informed of the hateful statements being said about them. What the heck is happening now days? I asked if s/he told someone at the school, and encouraged s/he to talk to their parents. Later in the evening I did go and speak to the father because this is so upsetting to me. I also took a moment to look up some startling facts.

The Facts About Bullying

"Over 55,000 children have committed suicide over the last 7 years because of bullying.  That is 22 lives lost per day".

The says...

*"28% of kids ages 12 to 18 have reported being bullied".

* "30%  of kids admit to bullying others".

* "Over 70% kids say they have seen bullying in school".

"There is no Federal anti-bullying law"

I also discovered some of the awful side effects of bullying: depressions, health complaints and academic failure.

My Own Experience with Bullying

I remember in elementary school there was a club formed  by fellow students called "The Hate Heather Club". It lasted maybe 2 days but in my kid brain it lasted forever. In hind sight it wasn't that bad, but now that would be minor to kids today. What teens have to deal with is unreal, social media bullying, physical violence, nasty slurs and all around hate.

I am begging that we all take a stand and stop this! If you have any advice please share, it can only help!

Bullying Experiences in Southwest Michigan Go Viral

Last year this young man from Hartford engaged the hearts of the nation to the tune of 1.5 million views when he opened up about the bullying he received online via comments on his social media channels.

It's frightening when you learn that Michigan was ranked as the state with the highest level of bullying in a recent survey.

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