It's a time for expansion and growth as we are seeing the state start to open up again and people are starting to feel comfortable on taking the chance to open up new businesses in Southwest Michigan. Gobles is is one of my favorite little towns in Southwest Michigan, and they too are expanding with the soon to be opening of the new resale shop Downtown called, Bringer of Joy.  Bringer of Joy will be a small resale shop specializing in home decor, plants and furniture.

Currently the owners are busy at work preparing for the opening by making the necessary interior alterations, as they gave a quick update on their Instagram:

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Progress at the shop. Raised the ceiling and opened up the space. More paint and flooring coming up next. Thanks to the best hubby in the world for all your hard work, talent and support! Without you it would be much harder to chase my dream!

There seems to be a tight nit sense of companionship among small business owners in Downtown Gobles, as Klassic Arcade 2.0 owner Kevin Ketchum described to me:

In 2012, Gobles had a huge fire that removed a large part of our downtown Since 2012 the downtown landscape has changed quite a bit, most of the business that were here in 2012 have new owners and new products. Being a small business owner in a small town is very tough, but also very rewarding.

Gobles residents like Stan Lemon are happy people are taking an interest in small towns, not just the major cities like Kalamazoo & Battle Creek:

Some local folks are investing in our community, good stuff!! The best of luck to them and there adventures.

Murals from Kalamazoo's Wall Crawl

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