While I was hanging out on Facebook I cam across a post in the group called "That's It, I'm Home Shaming," that really showed us there's more to the world than meets the eye. The house located in Romulus, MI is painted a very vibrant blue and is adorned with paintings of things like an Orca Whale, an Octopus and other fascinating things, while the yard is strewn with bikes, wagons, and even brightly colored tubs filled and decorated with dozens, maybe even hundreds of bowling balls.

Normally on this group, photos of houses and listings are shared of places that boggle the mind and even places that you can get a good laugh out of. But it turns out this house is decorated so special because the parents who live in the house wanted to give their son a positive sight to come home to everyday, according to one commenter:

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A family member of mine is friends with the family that lives in this house, they have a special needs adult who loves whales, they decorate for the young man.

These parents have embraced their kids love of sea creatures and his fun taste to the point where they've decorated everything to his liking. If that isn't love, then i don't know what is. Also, it seems that their love for him comes in handy for drivers who aren't from the area, as another local resident suggested:

I used to live right down the street from this house. When giving directions to my house (regardless of the time of year) I could tell people if you see the yard full of bowling balls you've gone to far west and if you see the house with all the Christmas lights you've gone too far to the east.

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