Beyonce was injured but kept a BOSS

Close Call

Photo By: Graham Denholm/Getty Images

A homeless man hopped a fence and tried to break into Miranda Kerr’s home in Malibu on Friday, and when her security confronted him, he stabbed a guard in the face.  The guard responded by shooting him four times.  The police were called and both men were airlifted to the hospital…and they're both expected to survive.  Miranda was not at the house at the time.  See photos of the aftermath at

Weekend Movies

Ben Affleck’s "The Accountant" opened at the top of the box office this weekend, with $24.7 million."Kevin Hart: What Now?" finished second with $12 million.  It's an actual concert film, but it's mixed with fictional scenes of Kevin and Halle Berry as spies.

Beyonce is a BAMF

Photo By: Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Beyonce performed at a Tidal event on Saturday, and after her first song a dangling earring got caught on her hair and was yanked out. That sounds painful, and it DID look bad. She started singing "Haunted" and noticed that her ear was bleeding.  She checked on her mangled ear lobe with a finger, saw the blood, and KEPT SINGING without missing a beat.  She even came back out on stage later that night to encourage people to vote, and she still didn't have a bandage on it.