All the changes to our collective lives in the past two months have had a domino effect on many everyday habits that we had prior to the coronavirus pandemic. One of the most obvious and personal has been what we eat.

With a significant amount of the Michigan population and workforce either out of work or working, or in the case of younger people, schooling, at home, these changes have forced many people to either alter their eating habits or face the inevitable outcome of at the very least, gaining some weight, but in the bigger sense, getting out of shape.

But the other obvious change forced on many is the limited number of eating choices, with many restaurants either closed or being only available for carryout or delivery. This has seen a major increase in the return to home preparation of meals.

According to a story in Forbes Magazine, a frozen food industry group states the obvious: Virtually all of us are (90%) are eating more meals at home, and many are opting for frozen food items due to its longer shelf life and the ability to stock up, if and when shortages arise, such as stories about meat processing plants facing possible closure due to coronavirus outbreaks among those employed.

It's interesting to see that some consumers say they are preferring frozen food to fresh, for safety reason. But then, this pandemic has instilled in many of us, you can label it however you want, a heightened awareness of safety, or a maybe a healthy dose of paranoia.

So, what are Michiganders buy most? The answer to this question is obvious from a simple trip to your grocery store. A lot of fresh meat is being frozen. But from the already frozen category, vegetables are big, as are larger products like lasagnas that feed an entire family. And it's no surprise, frozen pizza is big. along with ice cream and desserts, as the stressful times require comfort food.

Will we go back to our old buying habits if we get our lives back to normal? That remains to be seen.

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