Today for Tiktok Tuesday, we're highlighting a creator from Benton Harbor.

Meet @izzybecerraaa, a young woman who is killing it on Tiktok. In her bio, she says she does "makeup and stuff" with the emphasis on "and stuff". She has nearly 160k followers and over 6 million likes on her videos.

When make-up creators come across my feed I always watch. I'm a 32 year old woman who is still learning how to do my make-up correctly and need all the help I can get. Plus, watching some of these people do make-up is like watching an artist create a masterpiece. It's truly mesmerizing.

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She has perfected these transitions from make-up free to being fully dolled up like below:

She also does a series of videos comparing drugstore foundations to see which one gives the best kind of coverage, which I appreciate. Lord knows, I can never make up my mind as I'm blankly staring at the selection in the make-up aisle.

However, @izzybecerraaa also uses her platform to show off her DIY projects.

Below she shows how she made a vanity mirror when the one she ordered turned out to be too small:

Here's another mirror she created that also delivers the positive affirmation, "I love myself more each day",

She even tries her hand at creating clay jewelry. This video earned her over 46k views:

@izzybecerraa, you are killing it on Tiktok!

We feature a local Tiktok creater every Tuesday for Tiktok Tuesday. If you know of someone doing well on the app (or want to nominate yourself) enter the information below:

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