You're probably going to hear this a lot. The new meat-less Burger King Impossible Whopper burger tastes like a Whopper. Which, I'm guessing, is exactly what Burger King probably wants you to say.

Three things you should know: 1. This was not my first Impossible Burger. We had one at Maud's Taphouse in Otsego earlier this summer. 2. I haven't had a Whopper of any kind in a while, as I don't go out for lunch much. 3. I was hungry.

But, of all the fast food burgers, Burger King's Whopper has always been my favorite, for all it's flame-broiled goodness. And the Impossible Whopper did not disappoint. I'm a meat eater and it tastes like a Whopper. (If you want a more detailed review, this one's not bad.) I've had faux black bean burgers in the past, and they were black bean burgers. This Impossible patty is much more like the real thing.

Looking at the statistics, I don't see much of a health benefit, short of the lack of red-meat. It still has calories, sodium, etc. And you do pay a premium for it. Mine on Gull Road was $5.71. The full meal is just short of $8.00

Burger King is betting big on the plant based patty. Sales are up significantly, and were through the roof at locations that were test markets.

If you're thinking about trying the new product, it's very good.  And if it keeps some cows alive, all the better. It would be funny to see Burger King co-opt the Chick-Fil-A ads and have cows carrying sign that say "EAT MOR IMPOSSIBLE BURGERS"





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