Everyone remembers early last month when we broke the story about how Steve Braithwaite was taking his banana car that to Texas. All across the country for that matter. Well it was a few weeks after that all the news outlets across the country started following suit and capitalized on something that's a part of our community. Now, the banana car has made the big-time as Steve was recently interviewed by Forbes.

The man who holds the Guinness World Record for Longest Banana Car was asked by Forbes why he chose a banana instead of something like, a duck. They were also curious how he manages to find places to stay and has been able to fund his trip: "I just wanted to do the most ridiculous thing I could think of, and driving a banana around seemed to be the most ridiculous thing. But I just couch surf. I stay with either friends, friends of friends, or people I meet that day like at a gas station or a grocery store. I've got a sign on the back of the banana car reading "“Traveling across America going coast to coast and north to south. To fund my trip I'm couch surfing and giving rides. Take a ride in the big banana car, pay whatever you want to pay.”"

Hopefully Steve continues to have success on this great trip and comes home safe to Kalamazoo.

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