There's really no good way to lead into this without mentioning the two ton monster in the corner (coronavirus), but it's been a tough year on us romantics. Restaurants were closed. Simply going to the store, at times, feels a bit risky. So, as I say, it's tough to be romantic.

But our friends in Battle Creek, the romantics at Kellogg's, are back for the second year in a row, with an item that just screams romantic, the House Wine - Cheez It combo pack. Is there any better way to say "I love you"?

What's the predominant thing that most people have been doing since the world shut down in March? Sitting on the couch, binge watching - anything and everything. Well, here's the perfect companion for that romantic activity. And if you're quarantining, and in separate locations, get one for each of you. Think Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally", the scene where they're watching "Casablanca", the most romantic movie ever made.

Or...the shortened baseball season starts Thursday night. This isn't beer and peanuts, but it's a wonderful alternative for those who don't care for beer, or peanuts.

Okay, you're going to have to set several alarms as this will sell out again, in minutes. Thursday, (July 23rd) at 2pm ET. The link isn't active yet, but start preparing. There's romance in the air.

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