The Asylum Lake Preserve is now a place for nature lovers on the Western Michigan University campus on the west side of Kalamazoo has a well known history as being the home of the Michigan Asylum for the Insane.

The area around Asylum Lake contained, as reported by,

Colony Farm and recreation experiment. Five cottages were constructed, as well as heating and water plants. Many of the buildings were connected by tunnels.

It's those tunnels that have intrigued adventure seekers in the area. This video which was posed by YouTube user Zakk R alleges to show an access hole to the Asylum Lake tunnel system.

From the viewpoint of the video, the access appears to be abandoned and a large, unguarded hole in the middle of the woods, which could be very dangerous for the unsuspecting.

But are there still tunnels around Asylum Lake? Facilities Management at WMU, who are charged with maintaining the property, say "any tunnels and underground structures not already sealed or demolished were dynamited, as further deterioration was making them unsafe." WMU has maintained the property since 1975.

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