It was a typical long Friday, trying to get everything done at work, when all of the sudden, I look at my screen and there a tweet making the pronouncement, McRib is coming back, "as early as Monday," to borrow a phrase from sports media.

What a way to start the weekend. What a way to throw something special into Monday.

The season treat is supposed to be in 10,000 McDonald's locations across the fruited plain. Here's the link to the McRib locator site.

On top of this good news, USA Today says, there's more returning goodness.

"McDonald's announced Thursday it will also bring back McCafé Donut Sticks with a new chocolate dipping sauce in November, and it will introduce its first new seasonal drink in more than five years – the Cinnamon Cookie Latte." - USA Today

Just one last thing to add: Don't forget to hit the gym (more often).

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