What's that old saying, desperate times call for desperate measures. If what all of us have been living through doesn't qualify as desperate, then nothing does. So many businesses have been affected by lockdowns, social distancing, any number of things.

One of those casualties of all this has been the movie business. Movie theatres have been closed since March. And making it doubly painful for them is that movie studios are simply taking new movies and streaming them. So all those summer blockbusters, well, they're on your TV. Good for you, maybe. But definitely bad for the theatre operators.

So one of the largest theatre operators in the country, AMC, is carefully reopening next Thursday, August 20, in some select locations. The insides are being reconfigured for social distancing, the whole thing, but here's the fun twist: To get you in the door, on the first day, they're turning back to the clock one hundred years, to 1920. (Ironically, a hundred years ago, the country was coming out of another pandemic, the Spanish Flu.) Admission will be just 15 cents. If they really want to make this promotion fun, show a silent movie or two. The Artist (it won five Oscars a few years ago, or Mel Brooks' Silent Movie come to mind.

I don't think I need to sell most people on why you want to see a big movie on a big screen There's just something about seeing a movie on the big screen. It's larger than life. That's the magic of the movies.

Okay, I've got you more buttered up than your popcorn. Here comes the but....

AMC is doing it all over the country, but not here in Michigan. Checking AMC's website, it says "The AMC Portage 10 Will reopen when local guidelines allow". The same goes for AMC locations in Holland and Grand Rapids.

I just hope when they do finally reopen, they do the 15 cent first day promotion here, because going to the movies can be special, at that price everyone could be a part of that magic.

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