We have all had bad customer service, but this time it really was a health risk.

Yesterday while running errands, I stopped off to get a quick manicure. Little did I know that this adventure would upset me so much. Here is what happened...

When I first walked in I smelled something icky, in hindsight, I realized it smelled like moldy towels. But, I just thought maybe it was another client of the salon, and of course I did not want to be rude and say anything.

Second, I do not wear fake nails, and mine are short. I was shocked that the technician used a drill to sand down my nail beds and shave off the cuticles. Then, he proceeded to file my nail beds as well. I told him I had thin nails, and was concerned about thinning them out. He agreed but continued to file.

Third (and what scared me the most), he used a nipper that had not been sanitized properly. I know this because he pulled the nipper out of the bag the tool had been purchased in and the bag was filthy.

It was only when I noticed that I was bleeding, and had dirt under my nails that I asked for my bill.

I was embarrassed to be leaving so abruptly, but could not stand the thought of staying so I paid my bill, tipped the man, and left.

I know that I am a wimp, and did not stand up for myself, but even with bad customer service I wanted to avoid confrontation.

When the Morning Mayhem told the tale we got some great horror stories ! My personal favorite was from Brenda...

"My daughter and I went to a Salon at the mall to get pedicures. When we were seated, the water not only looked dirty but was cold. I told one of the employees, but nothing was done. I looked at my daughter and we got outta that place like bandits in the night."

That got me thinking, what should we for as consumers when choosing a salon. That is when I stumbled upon an article, that we should all heed. The Dr. Oz Show, did a great report on the 5 things that make a nail salon safe, and things you should look for!

  1. A safe salon will not only boast and market their sanitation protocol, but will walk you through all the steps they take to keep you safe.
  2. Disposable tools are considered the best practice. For example, single-use files, buffers, pedicure liners and gloves are used for your protection.
  3. The salon keeps up with advanced education. You can ask to see if the salon is up to date continuing education regarding sanitation.
  4. Know if the spa uses a autoclave to sterilize metal implements (like nippers and nail clippers). Just so you know, sterilization kills all microorganisms, including spores. The tools if sterilized properly will be in a shrink-wrap bag and opened in front of you.
  5. Ask yourself if you and the nail technician communicating. It is reported that miscommunication is a primary cause of nail salon infections and lawsuits from infections.


According to the CDC "Clean Hands Save Lives" . Safe salons will have you as the client pre-wash your hands before you sit down at the table and the nail technician will do the same.

Another good idea that I should of done was check out the reviews of local nail salons on yelp.com. Here are just a few great reviews I discovered...

Star Nails & Spa - located on West Main, in Kalamazoo. LeAnn H commented on Yelp.com with...

"Amazing pedicure experience. They stayed open late to accommodate my schedule!  My nail tech went and found the perfect color once I described what I wanted. Extremely clean. Friendly staff that let me have a conversation with my friend. The owner even came and checked on us."

Escape Nails Spa - also located on West Main, in Kalamazoo.  Melissa S reported on Yelp.com that...

"Awesome service!  Love this place, I wouldn't go anywhere else!  Quality work and friendly!!!!"

Nail Art - located on Westnedge, in Kalamazoo. Pissy P. reported to Yelp.com that about her experience...

"Great service and fair price.  Good selection of nail polish.  Add on leg/foot scrubs and masks.  Relaxing pedi.  Fast and professional!  Clean space."

Creation Nails & Spa - located on West Main, in Kalamazoo. Jan1c3A reported her time spent at the spa to yelp.com...

"Love these guys!! Great customer service & my mani/pedi looks awesome!! I love that they sterilize their instruments! Thanks Joey!!"

Le's Family Nail Salon - found on Stadium Dr., Kalamazoo. Crystal L told yelp.com about her trip to the salon...

"Very kind and thorough. Tim and Tina were very welcoming and gave us just what we asked for. It was my boyfriends first pedi and let's just say he will be tagging along with me when I go from now on!"

Now I know, check out a place first, then book an appointment!


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