A local Brewery helps to feed kids

Who of ever thought that beer is good for kids, but it is in some cases! Mlive is reporting that Fetch Brewing company of Whitehall, paid off lunch debts totaling $5,614 and impacting 671 families in Whitehall District Schools and Montague Area Public Schools.

Mlive explained that at Montague schools, students whose lunch debts reach $20 in elementary or $15 in secondary schools are put on an “alternative meal list” and given an “alternative sandwich” until the balance is paid off, according to district policy. That happens after two phone calls and a letter.

Owners of Fetch Brewing  Dan and Jen Hain heard of another brewery in Grand Rapids doing something similar, and loved the idea!

“We thought it was really cool and wondered if it was within our ability to do. They The Mitten Brewing Company) started the ball rolling and we kept it going.”

Jan notes that a $5 or $10 donation can make all the difference. And according to Feeding America children from families who are not sure where their next meal may come from are more likely to have lower math scores and repeat a grade.

You can find Fetch Brewing Company at (located at 100 W Colby St, Whitehall, MI 49461)

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