Who doesn't want to eat a delicious dinner while solving a violent murder?

We all know that Colon, Michigan has been the magic capitol of the world for many decades.  But, did you know about the 'Murder at the Magic Mansion?'  Long time Colon resident Ron Carnell performs over a dozen magic based dinner shows a year.  The show he has in store for us on January 25, 2020 at the River Lake Inn involves a pretty violent murder mystery according to their press release,

Essentially, it's a fully immersive play centered on the death of one or more participants. There is no stage and the professional actors for the most part are hidden among the guests. The audience doesn't just watch the play, they become an integral part of it. Every guest assumes a character role in the on-going story. Some of them will be suspects in the murder. And at least one of them might even be the killer and not know it until all the secrets are revealed.

The murder mystery you'll be helping to solve, if you have the guts, is set in the early 1920's.  There may even be an appearance by Harry Whodini.

Looking for something new, fun and interesting to do in 2020?  This may do the trick.  Tickets range from $59 - $99.  Get more info on the 'Murder at the Magic Mansion' dinner show by clicking here.

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