A man crashes his car after crossing county lines with a puppy in his pants.

Apparently, this bizarre incident started in Ingham County before the car accident in Eaton County on Wednesday.  When I think of theft, I think of criminals stealing money, electronics or vehicles.  I never think of someone lifting puppies.  That's how this whole thing began with the theft of 3 puppies.  We're not sure why, when or how exactly that the pup napping happened.  The suspect may have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling Eaton County animal control officers according to Mlive.com,

Staff assisted an Eaton County deputy at the scene of the crash in Delta Township on Wednesday. The occupant of the vehicle was allegedly trying to hide the small puppy in his pants. Animal control staff quickly recognized it as a stolen puppy reported in nearby Ingham County.

Thankfully, the 4 week old German Sheppard puppy was not injured in the accident.  This puppy and his/her stolen siblings have been returned to their mother and humans.

Check out the facebook post from the Eaton county Sheriff's Office praising the work of the officers as they pose with the adorable lil pup.

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