Bell's has come up with a first for themselves, a holiday variety 12-pack is going on sale, in time for the upcoming holidays.

The twelve pack will include three cans of Bell's award winning Two Hearted Ale, which just was named the best beer in America for the fourth year in a row, by Zymurgy Magazine.

Also in the package is Light Hearted, the lower calorie version of Two Heart. Rounding out the group is Bell's Official, a hazy IPA and a new beer from what Bell's calls its "Innovation Brewery". Bell;'s describes Juicy Gossip this way: "this Juicy Pale Ale has a soft bitterness with a fruity, juicy hop character and tropical notes. Sessionable, this beer is perfect for those who want tropical hop flavor at a lower ABV."

What's interesting is Bell's says Juicy Gossip will be available only as part of the "Jingle Bell's" variety 12-pack with the other three beers.

Like many other businesses, Bell's seems to be looking for and finding different ways to market their products during the pandemic. With seating limited in restaurants (and today comes news that number will become even tighter), these marketing ideas take on a new, added, importance.

While most customers can simply walk into to packaged liquor store and create their own variety pack, a package like this, with its theme and artwork will make it a little extra special. And, of course, with an exclusive beer, that has it's own appeal for die-hard beer lovers, who will want to say they have had a taste of it.

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