It's the last person you would think...

A recap of "Tessertainment News": The new "Jungle Book" movie dominated the box office, bringing in over $103 million, but the new "Barbershop" movie had a decent first weekend too with $20.2 million.

The World Premiere of Disney's "THE JUNGLE BOOK"
Photo By: Jesse Grant / Stringer/ Getty Images for Disney

AC/DC has officially confirmed that AXL ROSE is their new singer.    He's replacing Brian Johnson, who left the band after his doctors said he was at risk of permanently losing his hearing.  He's joining them for a tour in Europe next month, and 10 shows in the States that haven't been rescheduled yet.

Opening Night Of Guns N' Roses' Second Residency At The Joint
Photo BY: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

ROSARIO DAWSON is a big BERNIE SANDERS supporter and she got arrested in Washington D.C. on Friday while protesting corruption in politics with a group called Democracy Spring.  She and a bunch of other protesters crossed a police line to stage a sit-in.  And apparently they were TRYING to get arrested, because she says the cops warned them multiple times that they had to move.  She ended up with a $50 fine, and did an interview about it afterward.