Christmas weekend was for the birds this year at this Michigan Animal Welfare group in Macomb county.

Everybody is chirping about what happened last Thursday evening, a.k.a. Christmas Eve Eve, at the Detroit Animal Welfare Group.  That's when the son of an animal hoarder called to let them know he would be bringing in around 80 birds.  That's a lot of birds.  It turns out, 80 parakeets is not a lot, compared to the 497 parakeets that showed up in a pick-up truck later that evening.  Sadly, the nearly 500 birds were crammed into 7 cages upon arrival.

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Would you believe more birds showed up from the hoarder house?  The day after Christmas Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) nearly doubled the of birds they received according to their Facebook page,

We thought 497 parakeets was a lot …. Until they surrendered 339 more in boxes this afternoon.  The grand total of parakeets surrendered is 836!

Apparently, the animal hoarder was spending around $1,200 a month to feed his feathery friends.  Kelley LeBonty, the Director of the Detroit Animal Welfare Group gave this explanation to the Detroit Free Press as to how this happened,

His son said that he just wanted to breed a few of them, and it got out of control. The problem is birds breed easily.

If you've ever wanted to own a parakeet or two, this is the perfect time.  You can now adopt these birds from one of the four bird organizations that have stepped up to help house these little cuties.  More info can be found in the Facebook post below.

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