The point is to do something to empower yourself, so it's easier for you to move on.

We've all had our hearts broken at some point in our lives, and being surrounded by reminders can make it harder to move on.  What should you do with things like gifts, photos and mementos from the relationship?  According to a survey conducted by the Huffington Post, here are the 5 most common ways people dealt with stuff that reminds them of their ex.

Photo By: Franck Camhi/ThinkStock


1. Just throw it all out.  A lot of people in the survey said you should do whatever you can to prevent yourself from thinking about them.  So the safest thing is just toss it all.

2. Put it all in a box and forget about it.  That way it's still there if you want it later or they ask for something back.  But you don't have to deal with it right away.

3. Get rid of most of it, but not the stuff you still use.  Like if they gave you your favorite shirt, you don't have to toss it unless you'll get depressed every time you wear it.

4. Keep EVERYTHING that's sentimental.  So that's the opposite strategy.  But it's just so you can look through it in 20 years.  So that's pretty much the same as putting it all in a box and forgetting about it.

5.  Get rid of it, but make it a cleansing ritual.  Which was way more popular with women than men.  Some women said you should burn it all, and cut up all your pictures together.  And at least one woman in the survey said she threw everything off a cliff.  Ha ha.

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