As this year draws to a close, we all seem to take this time to sit back and reflect on the year and what we learned. I have found myself doing just that the last few days and figured it would be good to type my thoughts onto the internet. Perhaps it will help someone else but I'm doing for safe keeping. So I don't forget what I've learned this year:


1. Don't Be Afraid To Take Chances- This year was the first time I took the risk of moving away from home by myself and start a brand new career. As much as I love what I wanted to do, it was still a giant risk. It was absolutely worth it. This city/town and company that I am now a part of is a dream come true. I couldn't be happier.

2. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone- It's so easy for us to fall into a loop with the way we act, decisions we make and how we live. Break the curse. Become who you want to be even if the thought of it scares you. Life is about choices and chances. Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions that mean we have to do things a little differently, but in the end, things will be much better off. Don't fear change.

3. Stop Settling For The Bare Minimum- Everyone deserves the absolute best they deserve. This is the time to step away from people and relationships that aren't completely fulfilling. When you don't aspire to be the best for yourself, nobody else will aspire to be the best for you. When you settle for what you have, you're cheating yourself out of so much more in life. Don't sell yourself short.

4. Make The Best With What You Have- We all have gone through or are going through very tough times. Embrace the struggle of getting through those hard times because the good will be so much worth it once reached. In the end, it'll build your character and make you stronger.

5. Stop Talking And Start Doing- This is something I need to focus on. There are many things I need to do for my own well being that I've been ignoring. They can no longer be put on the back burner. Whatever it is you really need to accomplish, make a baby step list of how you obtain your goal.It's not too late. I know the old overused "New Year, New Me" slogan is silly. It doesn't take a new year to be a new person. Change comes at anytime. Be the change you want.  No more excuses.

I hope this may help some of you because I know it's going to help me become more of a man for myself. Ring in 2018 in style and have a wonderful rest of 2017. Rock on!

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