No on ever want's their power to go out but when does are you ready?

With the high winds hitting Michigan many of us lost power, but I surprised at how truly unprepared I was. Here are 5 things I learned...

  1. Don't put your flashlights in a box deep in a closet - To attempt to stay organized I packed away all of my flashlights. That does me absolutely no good when the home is dark.
  2. When you are advised that you might have a power outage clear things out of the way - Maybe don't be moving chairs or sofa's to vacuum on a day of high winds. When the lights go out you are just begging to bust a toe.
  3. Have food on hand that does not need a microwave or stove - For dinner most us during the winter months want something warm that involves heat to make it happen. If there is no power, then maybe you will have no food. Remember to plan ahead and purchase some bread and milk.
  4. Know where your matches or lighters are to light a candle - Again, these items need to be conveniently located.
  5. Have back-up clothes for the next day - Mistakes have been made of starting to do your laundry for the week, then the power goes out and all you have are wet soapy duds for the next day.

May you never have a power outage and if you are currently going through it please stay safe!

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