I'm going out on a limb here but I think this critter knew what it was doing in Grand Rapids Tuesday morning.

We are no strangers to those fuzzy tennis balls the we call squirrels here in the state of Michigan.  In fact, a couple months ago a Detroit man went viral after building a squirrel restaurant in his front yard.  Then there's that time I rehabbed the crazy red squirrel here in Kalamazoo in the TikTok below.

Squirrels are adorable little critters when they're not wreaking havoc on us.  A great example of this took place Tuesday morning as more than 100 hundred traffic lights and several buildings lost power.  Grand Rapids city spokesperson, Steve Guitar told WZZM13.com,

the Energy, Lighting and Communications team was called in to restore the primary feed from Consumers Energy to the city's Coldbrook substation.

No evidence has been provided that a squirrel is guilty in this power outage.  Then again, maybe the guilty party was getting revenge for all of the family it's lost to heavy traffic then buried the evidence. Speaking of evidence of squirrel wrong doing.  Check out what I found recently in my shed below.

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