When it's cold outside, here is what you can do inside to warm you spirits. 

When the snow is falling as fast as the temperature, it's time to find a wonderful way to enjoy a winter evening. Here are 5 things from Theodysseyonline.com you can do to make a snowy evening in South West Michigan special.

1. Cuddle...There is nothing more sanctifying then snuggling with a loved one (fur baby or human, which ever you choose).

2.Binge watch shows/movies...Let’s put the Netflix vs. Hulu debate aside and curl up in a nice warm blanket and watch some wintery movies.

3. Drink a warm beverage...Hot chocolate, tea, a hot tottie, or coffee is sure to warm you as you settle in for a snowy night.

4. Read a book or write...Curl up on the sofa with a good book you have been putting off reading. Or, grab that old journal and write down some thoughts.

5. Play board games...Monopoly, Clue, Life, Candyland, or Trouble are just a few board games that can be really fun to play with a side of popcorn on a blistery night. 

Sometimes, when you just relax, you can really enjoy what Mother Nature hands us.

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