Looking for a great Secret Santa gift for under $20?  Here are 5 great ideas to choose from this year.

1)  1 Kalamazoo Christmas Tree Ornament

This unique ornament says Kalamazoo and it only costs $7 from Etsy.

2)  1 Kalamazoo T-Shirt 

This t-shirt from The Spirit of Kalamazoo will cost you $15.99 and says "Yes, There Really is a Kalamazoo!"

A new black and gold trucker hat from Bell's Brewing will cost you $15.99 and is a "classic hat for fishin', drinkin', workin' and of course truckin'."  A Bell's Inspired Brewing® logo patch is embroidered on the front and the Inspired Brewing® slogan on the back.  This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!

4) 1 Shot Glass

Who wouldn't want a $13 shot glass that says, "I'm Kind of a Big Deal in Kalamazoo"?  

5)  1 Homemade Necklace

This "Home is Where The Heart is" necklace from Etsy is perfect for a female on your list and will cost your $19.99.


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