The term "everything old is new," is starting to become more relevant nowadays, with people and companies reaching back to the years of old were things looked a little out of place. But it's that nostalgic and early draft style that's starting to attract consumers. It's no surprise companies are producing products with their old logo on it.

The thrill of being trendy has taken over and I kind of like it. I myself am a fan of vintage items. Being that I'm in a new city, which is rich in history, I took to the internet to find some cool vintage gift ideas for any long-time resident of Kalamazoo.  Let's face it, online shopping is so much more convenient and easy. Plus you can't just buy stuff like this in the store. But where do you go to find items like that? Ebay baby:

finethings4u2 VIA eBay

Kalamazoo Sled Company Baby Sled: This vintage baby sled is perfect for this time of the year. It seems like it's still sturdy and able to use as well.  The Kalamazoo Sled Co began in the 1870's in Grand Rapids. By 1905 they had acquired their competitor, Columbia sled Co, employed over 100 people and were the largest manufacturer of sleds in the world.

thesepatchesaremakingmethirsty VIA eBay

Kalamazoo Kings Vintage Embroidered Iron On Patch: I find this really sweet and I may even buy it myself. My brother Tim actually played for this team after he graduated from Western.  The Kalamazoo Kings were a part of the Frontier League from 2001 until 2011.

vintage$h*t via eBay

"Yes, There Really Is A Kalamazoo" Belt Buckel: This belt buckle was made by the Kalamazoo Leather And buckle Company in 1976 and I challenge anyone to find a cooler Kalamazoo vintage gift. $35 is a small price to pay to own something like this. I myself have some cool vintage belt buckles and if I saw anyone with this, I'd bow in admiration of their coolness.

dandssportcards VIA eBay

Vintage Kalamazoo Wings Bauer IHL Hockey Jersey: This is gonna be one of those "quick decision" purchases. You may want to make that choice fast too because the bidding for this jersey ends Thursday night at 11 P.M. Judging from the color scheme this was from the 90's when they were associated with the Dallas Stars. This is a one of a kind jersey and a piece of Kalamazoo Wings hockey history.

khack VIA eBay

Vintage Linen Postcard Of The Electric Fountain At Bronson Park From 1938: This postcard is used but the fact that you can purchase this for so cheap is amazing. Bronson Park is one of the main attractions of Kalamazoo and any older resident of the area will certainly remember this sculpture, which stood in the heart of the park for years before being updated.

Hopefully, you can snag one of these before they're gone. Happy shopping.