Unless you WANT to sabotage the relationship...

According to The Huffington Post, texts can make or break things with him.  Texts have the power to draw him in, keep him interested, and turn him on even if you're miles apart.  Texts can also make him run for the hills if you're not careful.  Problem is, you may not even know you're scaring him off by the way you're texting him.

Here are the awkward texts you need to stop sending him...NOW.

1. "We need to talk."  No one wants to see that text.  Also, that is the worst way to get his attention.  You'll only scare him off and make him not want to see you or talk to you.  If you really need to talk, make plans and talk to him in person.

2. "I don't think we are communicating well and I believe it's important to be open and honest."  I oughta slap you silly.  This is definitely not something you should ever text him...or anyone for that matter.  Of course you're not communicating well...it's a TEXT!  Texting is meant for flirtation and excitement, not for serious conversations.  it's hard to have those types of conversations face to face but, if you truly want to get anywhere with him, you're going to have to save it for the face to face convo.

3.  "You're so effing sexyyyy!  I want you to come over right meow!"  You're drunk.  Yeah, it's cute if you're already established and comfortable in your relationship.  It's not ok if it's new and especially if he's sober.  You're not getting any, sorry.  Nothing good ever comes from dating and drunk texting.  There are apps you can download to stop you from texting him while you're drinking, like, Stop Contact, and Drunk Lock that will save you from drunk texting.  Technology is a life-saver, right?

4. "Why are you ignoring me?"  Trust me, he saw the text.  This is his way of showing you that you're being too needy and clingy.  As hard as it may be, give him some space and you'll get what you want if you haven't ruined it already :/

5.  "Do you really love me?"  Wha?  "Yes he loves you or no he doesn’t love you, but don’t be that person who sends this text and is seeking that validation from a guy." - Huffington Post  Don’t be the type of person who’s feeling down so you just want other people to lift you up. Sending a text wanting to extract love from someone else is definitely a texting mistake.

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