One thing I love about winter is the fact that it seems that, just like Halloween, you can start wearing things that would look totally silly at any other time of the year. Michigan has its fair share of odd clothing options, and I've scoured the internet to find you some of the best Detroit themed winter clothes for you to jump into now that the snow is coming. Enjoy!


Detroit Themed Leggings: Where my basic girls at? Now you can be totally extra with these Detroit themed leggings available at Be serious girls, you would totally rock these through the mall. I would too but I didn't wanna be arrested for crimes againstvision.

Photo: NFL Shop

Detroit Lions Ugly Christmas Sweater: These things are starting to get out of control and I love it so much. Now you can rock this horrid looking sweater that's available at Maybe it'll bring the Lions some "end of the season" luck.


Detroit Tigers "There's Gotta Be Something Wrong With That Guy" Hat: Ok so that's not really what it's called but I always found that description as my favorite. I even have one of my own. but don't knock it, this stylehat keeps my entire head warm and maybe it'll remind you that baseball isn't too far away. Is it Spring yet?

Detroit Red Wings Ugg Boots: If you're gonna be super basic and wear the awesome Detroit themed leggings, you may as well pair them with the Red Wings ugg boots available now at I mean, you might even see me rocking these this winter. Love my Wings!

Photo: Mr. Alan's

Detroit Pistons Throwback Jacket: Was there anything nastier than the color scheme of the old Pistons logo? Luckily everything old is new and these colors are now considered super cool. You can be the most attractive Pistons fan this with jacket up for sale at

Now go out there and make me proud this winter. happy shopping.