It's not that unusual to find things like fire wood or pallets in the free section of Kalamazoo Craigslist.  But these 5 things are hilarious!

Here are 5 funny free things that you can get on Kalamazoo Craigslist right now.

#1.  Bits of bikes and bikes in bits

You can click here and be the proud owner of bike bits!



#2.  Yard ornament/planter depending on your sense of humor?

Sure, everyday people like you and I see a toilet in the picture below.  But not the guy trying to get rid of this toilet.  He sees it as yard decor.  Click here for more info.



#3.  FREE Used king size bed

Is it just me or does it look like someone just peed the bed before the picture was taken?  The title say "free king size bed" however, it's just the mattress up for grabs and you can get it by clicking here.



#4.  Free Beer

Well, you don't see this every day.  Someone giving beer away in West Michigan.  The description reads, "I don't like beer, and wont drink these."  Click here for more info.



#5.  Math Teacher Stamps

This seems very specific.  I love the description, "If I get many calls I may not respond to all messages."  How many people are dying to get their hands on math teacher stamps?  If you are one of those people, click here.




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