I'm always looking for a bargain. How about you? So I had a few minutes to poke around Craigslist today, and you know what? You might find some interesting things in the free section. The first one I saw made me laugh. Its a rooster in Paw Paw. That's not the funny part. It's what the ad says.

The free rooster for sale on Craigslist. (Credit: Kalamazoo.Craigslist.org)
The free rooster for sale on Craigslist. (Credit: Kalamazoo.Craigslist.org)

"Hatched this spring. Silkie/ white crested black polish mix. Friendly enough just don't have enough ladies for 2 roosters."

At first glance I had to stop and think. Small "p", that's polish, not Polish. Ok. And then the final part. "Friendly enough, just not enough ladies for 2 roosters." Yeah, isn't that the way it always is. Big Sigh.

I'm not a regular Craigslist person. My kids are. So some of what I saw on there today is a bit of an eye opener for a newbie like me.

Scrolling down, I love people's ingenuity. An old CRT TV is "Pre-Flat Screen".

You can have a brown dog. The caption says "Rehoming".

Somebody in Jackson is giving away hair rollers and a perm kit. That might have interested my mom forty years ago, but either way, I'm not driving to Jackson for that.

Finally, the combo platter du jour: All-in-one ad. kids hangers, a friendly cat, Sony tape deck, two working ceiling fans. Such a deal.

Again, I'm not a shopper, but that is quite the deal on a slightly used rooster.

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