Each week this series will focus on one of the many Kalamazoo Neighborhoods.  This week, Westnedge Hill.

Westnedge Hill is one of Kalamazoo's most historical neighborhoods according to the Kalamazoo Public Library,

Westnedge Hill is a residential neighborhood of approximately 1,100 homes, and is one of Kalamazoo’s most historic areas. The neighborhood is situated at one of the highest points in the City of Kalamazoo, and is characterized by a variety of single-family home styles along sometimes winding roads. Westnedge Hill is bound by Howard Street to the north, Cork Street/Whites Road to the south, Bronson Boulevard to the west, and South Burdick Street to the east.


Here are 5 Fun Facts About Westnedge Hill.

#5.  Some of the most amazing homes in Kalamazoo can be found in this neighborhood.

In fact, you could own this 5 bedroom, 7 bathroom estate for just $1.675 Million Dollars.  Click here for more info on this Westnedge Hill mansion for sale.


#4.  Westnedge Hill has a song and a music video.

Kalamazoo born and raised Joey Mapes produced this song back in 2015.  If you have spent any time in the Westnedge Hill neighborhood you'll recognize LOTS of scenes in this video.


#3.  Its one of the best Kalamazoo neighborhoods to enjoy Fall Colors.

You don't have to drive all the way to Northern Michigan to enjoy amazing fall colors.  Take a drive through the Westnedge Hill neighborhood after work this week.


#2.  Westnedge Hill Spring Yard Sales Are AWESOME.

Usually held in May each year, the Westnedge Hill Spring Yard Sales are VERY popular in West Michigan.

Wide view of suburban yard sale
David Sacks


#1.  Crane Park is the jam...when its open.

This is kind of a good news / bad news situation.  The good news according to Kzooparks.org,

Crane Park is a beautiful garden park that is host to many weddings throughout the summer. You can walk the near 700 feet of grass pathways though the various flowers, shrubs and trees. Two tennis courts are located near the entrance with two drinking fountains near by.

The bad news is that the park is closed due to a park improvement project and will reopen in 2019.

Did we miss your favorite fun fact about Westnedge Hill?  Let us know in the comments.


BONUS VIDEO:  Kalamazoo Spiderman In The KFR Studio



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