Over 40 years ago tragedy stuck the Great Lakes, and we still don't have answers.

The Edmund Fitzgerald  was taken down by Lake Superior 42 years ago and still there are many unanswered questions even with all the facts we now have available about the great ship.

Mlive reported that Even after the Edmund Fitzgerald disappeared from radar, it took a while to organize a search effort because of the fierce storm pounding Lake Superior. The Arthur M. Anderson, which had been trailing the Fitzgerald for more than a day, was the first to search. By then, the doomed freighter had already plunged to the lake's bottom and had broken in two.

It has been reported that the big freighter was just 17 miles from safety when she sank with all 29 men aboard. At the time, nearby ships were reporting waves approaching 25 feet and hurricane-force winds blowing across Lake Superior.

Lake Superior claimed all 29 men aboard the Mighty Fitz:

Captain Ernest M. McSorley

Michael E. Armagost

Fred J. Beetcher

Thomas D. Bentsen

Edward F. Bindon

Thomas D. Borgeson

Oliver J. Champeau

Nolan S. Church

Ransom E. Cundy

Thomas E. Edwards

Russell G. Haskell

George J. Holl

Bruce L. Hudson

Allen G. Kalmon

Gorden Maclellan

Joseph Mazes

John H. McCarthy

Eugene O'Brien

Karl A. Peckol

John J. Poviach

James A. Pratt

Robert C. Rafferty

Paul M. Rippa

John D. Simmons

William J. Spengler

Mark A. Thomas

Ralph G. Walton

David E. Weiss

Blaine H. Wilhelm




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