Four students from schools in Calhoun County are facing charges for threats of school violence.

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The Calhoun County Prosecutor says four students accused of making threats at schools will be facing charges. Those students are from Lakeview High School, Lakeview Middle School, Endeavor Academy, and Homer Schools, according to Calhoun County Prosecutor Dave Gilbert.

The charges include making a false report of a bomb threat, an act of terrorism or a threat to the community. The involved students range in age from 8 years to 15-years-old. The Calhoun County Prosecutor’s Office is still deciding whether or not the any of the students should be charged as adults for the threats.

Meanwhile, two other cases are still being reviewed and charges could follow.

Punishment can range anywhere from one year to twenty year felonies, depending on the offense. Calhoun County Porsecutor Gilbert says the punishment is different based on the conduct. He says a bomb threat versus terrorist threats, and actual acts and intent as well as the ages the students involved are all taken into account.

Many schools around Michigan have have dealt with various threats following the deadly mass-shooting at Oxford High School on November 30th. Prosecutors across Michigan are being faced with problems similar to those in Calhoun County in the days that followed the deadly Oxford School shooting.

One of the consequences of what happened in Oxford is that threats of school violance can not be handled with just a slap on the wrist.

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