Hear ye! Hear ye! It's still illegal to drive intoxicated even if what your driving is a living animal. Also, you gotta be 21 to to drink. 4 Michigan boys, who look like Stevie Wonder cut their hair, were arrested December 30th in Beaverton Township after they caught the attention of another driver who reported to the authorities that they were throwing beer cans out of the buggy while riding, according to a news release from the Gladwin County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies located the 4 boys, who the driver identified as the same men he'd seen throwing beer cans onto the road. The men had originally given false information about their ages and also refused to tell deputies their names. Several open and unopened containers of alcohol were spotted in the buggy, deputies said, and all four kids were under the influence of alcohol.The sheriff's office identified the four as Levei Mast, 20, Andrew Zook, 19, Joseph Miller, 20, and Joseph Troyer, 19, all from Gladwin County. According to Up North Live, all four subjects were arrested for felony obstruction of justice, disorderly person and issued civil infractions for minors in possession of alcohol.

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