Here's where the current Coronavirus outbreaks are taking place in Michigan.

K-12 schools reported eight Covid-19 outbreaks while six outbreaks were reported on college campuses in the Mitten according to Mlive,

They are among 292 outbreaks included in the state’s new online outbreak tracker. The data set lists the outbreaks by region, but does not offer specific locations or additional details, such as number of cases.

These reported outbreaks may help show the importance of online classes.

Important note: Don't let these numbers send you into a panic.  COVID-19 outbreaks are generally defined as two or more cases with a link by place and time indicating a shared exposure outside of a household.

The state of Michigan is now releasing this data weekly.  Also, they are not giving any specifics as to what city or school the outbreaks are taking place.  They're only giving us the region.  I've added a Michigan Regional map below the data.  The data was updated on's Outbreak Tracker on Monday, August 31st.

K-12 School Covid-19 Outbreaks (August 14th - August 27)

Region 1: 2 outbreaks
Region 2N: 2 outbreaks
Region 2S: 2 outbreaks
Region 3: 1 outbreak
Region 7: 1 outbreak

College Campuses Covid-19 Outbreaks (August 14th - August 27)

Region 1: 3 outbreaks
Region 6: 2 outbreaks
Region 8: 1 outbreak


By far the biggest outbreak setting in the state of Michigan is long-term care facilities like nursing home or assisted living with 83 outbreaks.

The region with the most current outbreaks is 2S.  That's the region that contains Monroe, Washtenaw and Wayne counties and includes the city of Detroit.  It is the most populated region so it's not a surprise that they have the most outbreaks.

Region 1 (Lansing/Jackson area) has the second most current outbreaks with 44.
Region 5 (Southwest Michigan) has the 3rd most with 42.  Oddly enough, the biggest outbreak setting for Southwest Michigan is Agricultural/ food processing/migrant camp
(e.g. farm, meat packing, hatchery, etc.) will update the outbreak tracker by 3 PM each Monday.  You can see the tracker by clicking here.

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