I did not grow up in Kalamazoo and I wanted to know more about it's history so I did some research

I asked some Kalamazoo natives that I work with and/or became friends with after moving from out of state to Kalamazoo.  I love everything about history and couldn't wait to learn more about the place I now call home.  Here are ten businesses that we wish were still open:

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1. Club Soda

"Club Soda brought the best regional and even national acts of the late 90's.  It was quaint, intimate and it was always a good time." - Kate Morton, Market President of Townsquare Media Southwest Michigan

"Club Soda Rocked!  They used to house live bands, even Nirvana played there back in '89!"  - Theresa Bunch, Assistant Business Manager of Townsquare Media Southwest Michigan

2. Hot 'N Now

"...because I liked being able to just stop and get it hot and NOW." - Mike McKelly, 107.7 WRKR Morning Show Host

3. Electric Avenue 

" That is where I was introduced to KFR" - Dana Marshall, 103.3 KFR Morning Mayhem Host

4. The Warehouse

"The Warehouse is where I got my start on KFR." - Heather McGregor, Middays on 103.3 WKFR

5. Studio Lounge - Where Panera Bread is now located on Westnedge.

"I really liked that place especially when I hit my head on the fireplace". - Mike McKelly, 107.7 WRKR Morning Show Host

6. Classic Stereo

"They always had really good stereos and car stereos" - John Mason, Middays Kalamazoo Country 102.5

7. American Greetings 

"There was a subsidiary of American Greetings next to Consumer Energy on Emerald Drive in Kalamazoo that closed about 5 years ago.  Their factory store was open to the public and you could get big plastic bags of paper plates and napkins. I went in there all the time for birthday parties and school functions that needed themed paper products. I still have candle jars from there in my house. My extended family misses it too, now that we all pay retail and dollar store prices that are still expensive for paper products."  -Joann Kerr, Sales at Townsquare Media Southwest Michigan

8. Damons 

"I miss Damons…'The Place for Ribs'  loved going there during March Madness and they also had an awesome Bloody Mary" - Chiemi McElrath, Sales at Townsquare Media Southwest Michigan

9.  Boogie Records

"...but I miss all old record stores." - Mark Fricke, Sales at Townsquare Media Southwest Michigan\

10.  Wayside West

"This was the first bar I went to after moving to Kalamazoo so it holds a special place in my heart" - Tess Taylor - 103.3 WKFR Morning Mayhem Host

Tess Does Kalamazoo

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