The A-1 Printing & Copy Center in Kalamazoo has been around for quite some time, going back to 1974 when it first opened. But the building it has been in since that time has a very questionable history, which even they think may be home to some paranormal happenings, as they describe on their website:

Our building was constructed during the early 1860s as a testament by some construction workers placing “graffiti” on the walls. This location has a colorful history. Our building once was a boarding house, a restaurant, a bank, and a wallpaper store. In fact, rumors say the building is haunted and ghost hunters have experienced quite unusual things –you can be the judge.

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Kalamazoo Showing Some Leg

What they don't mention is that the original use of the building was a brothel. I don't need to tell you what that is. Still, FOX 17 had investigated the structure over 10 years ago along with paranormal investigators because there have been rumors that spirits, primarily a male and madame spirit, have been rumored to haunt the building.

Kalamazoo has an interesting haunted history, so much so that there is a walking tour that is usually set up in October that takes guests to many local spots that are rumored to have apparitions and hauntings. To my knowledge, this has never been a stop on the tour, but after watching the video below, I kind of want to check this place out and see if the spirits make their beautiful presence known.

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