Virtual Reality (VR) is not for the faint of heart! Over the last several years virtual experiences like Google's Daydream and the Oculus Quest have really brought the "metaverse", the virtual world, to home across the globe.

I will be the first to admit, I don't entirely understand what the metaverse is all about. I am not an early adopter of technology by any means, having only recently upgrade from my iPhone 7 to a 12. I'm already behind the curve!

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With all that being said, I have experienced VR gaming once in my life and let me tell you: it was way cooler than I ever imagined. It must be one of those "see it to believe it" type of deals because I swear the zombies that were attacking me in the VR game were truly coming for me in the real world!

Even if you've experienced virtual reality only once, you're familiar with one of its biggest hindrances: walls. Sometimes it's hard to gauge where the VR world ends and the real world begins. Often the consequences can end up being quite painful!

Free-Roam VR

Thankfully that problem has been solved for west Michigan residents as the first "free-roam virtual reality arena" has opened along the lakeshore. The Zero Latency Holland has just opened its door at 2522 Van Ommen Drive.

Billed as Michigan's only free roam VR center, the new arena boasts over  2,000 square feet of wide-open game space with no hinderances like wires attached. You can experience your favorite games like Zombie Survival or Singularity solo or as a multi-player mission with up to 8 of your friends.

The cost per hour-long session can range anywhere from $30-$50 per person, but that's the price tag when you're playing with state-of-the-art technology. Do you think you can handle the VR world?

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