A week ago, we all saw the atrocity that happened within the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field.

If you're unfamiliar, I give you, the most hated man amongst Cubs fans this month.

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Yeah. Dude was having the time of his life, stacking cups with his buds, wasn't hurting anybody, wasn't blocking anybody's view of the field except his own... literally nothing wrong with what he was doing. He was having fun in the stands, and this monster decided enough was enough.

Apparently, he's not aware that Wrigley is now the center for "Fan Cup Stacking" in the MLB.

Last season, fans created what was estimated to be the world's longest "beer snake" in the stands, estimated to have cost nearly $30k to make - considering the cost of beer in 2021 was $12 a pop, and they guess around 2,400 cups were used to make the snake, it comes to a grand total of $28,800. Hype was big for that game, too. It was the first game back for the Cubs after the pandemic with no restrictions. And the cubs started ROLLING, too.

Well, they did it again this past week, besting even the $30k cup snake, with one that stretched into a second deck of the stadium!  

What makes ALL of these cup stacking feats amazing, is that it wasn't just Cubs fans taking part in the fun. Fans of the opposing team were joining in too... and they were CARDINALS fans!

Can you believe that? It's amazing what good fun and beer can do to even the most bitter of rivals. Maybe something we should implement in other places around the country.

Just imagine the amount of bi-partisan policy we'd get passed in Congress if members were stacking cups to the upper gallery every week.

BUT, chances are, there's at least one guy like this....


... lurking in Washington that would inevitably kill the fun.

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