We all want to get along with our neighbors, but sometimes that does not happen.

After a run in with a neighbor, Tess and Heather asked "what is your worst neighbor story?

Linsey - "After graduation from college, I moved into a home and the neighbors spread horrible rumors about me. They said that I was a drug dealer and a prostitute!" 

Ember - "After my kids and the neighbors kids got into a scuffle, I had a run in with the other p[parents. The next morning I discovered that they had dumped ranch dressing all over my car. The worst part?! It wasn't even Hidden Valley!"

James - "When I was at work my neighbor cut down my Malberry tree, that he always hated. When I got home, he told me I was lucky that he didn't charge me for cutting down the tree"

Anastria - "I was woken up one morning when my neighbors where having a family brawl. I didn't call the police until I saw one person go into the house and come back with a pair of nun-chucks."  

Kate - "If I look at my neighbors house and she catches me, she yells "Don't you F*%#ing look at me."

We would love to hear you experiences with a bad neighbor!





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