Photo: David Borzkowski; Used by permission.
Photo: David Borzkowski; Used by permission.

Western Michigan University has sent out a letter from President Edward Montgomery saying the school will be closing dorms on Tuesday, with the exception for "students with extenuating circumstances", due to the coronavirus pandemic. The university also says "distance education" is extended through the rest of the Spring semester, and thru final exams. April graduation ceremonies are "postponed".

" a result of the continuing spread of the disease in the state of Michigan, we have decided to take the precautionary step of extending distance education through the end of the spring semester, which officially concludes Saturday, April 25. Final exams will also be conducted during the week of April 20 using distance means." - WMU statement from President Montgomery

As part of this precaution, dormitories will close on Tuesday, March 24th.

Residence halls will be closing on Tuesday, March 24, at 8 p.m. Students with extenuating circumstances, such as international students, Seita Scholars and Foundation Scholars, will be permitted to remain in a residence hall. Dining services will be available to them. Because they have an ability to practice social distancing, students in University apartments may remain if they so choose. Students in communal living arrangements off campus, such as fraternities and sororities, are encouraged to consider whether they are able to effectively practice social distancing or if it is better to return to their permanent home.  -- WMU statement from President Montgomery

Regarding graduation, Montgomery's statement says an announcement will be made at a later time.

WMU also posted this interview with Montgomery, on Friday morning.

(Western Michigan University via YouTube)

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