I am not sure how most guys shop for engagement rings, but I was not taking the first one I saw.

As a matter of fact, I hit almost every jeweler on Westnedge (or as I call it, "Stressnedge") and even the mall! I saw some pretty awesome rings — some were a little too awesome ($$$$$$).

The one thing I didn’t want was a ring that everyone in Michigan — or even the country — rocked on their finger. (Meaning a ring from all those commercials you see on TV.) I wanted this to be really personal. I wanted to help design it. At many jewelry stores, every time I wanted to make a modification, the sales person would have to get on the phone and call someone to see if the change could be made or if they had what I wanted … UGH!  I was getting frustrated, but I wasn’t giving up.

Finally, the last place I visited was UniQ Jewelry Gallery in Portage. I met "Diamond Doug" (Doug Mitchell), who wasn’t just a sales person — he was THE OWNER. He gave me the background of the Intersecting Hearts engagement ring line that he carries. This line is designed locally, and Diamond Doug is the only jeweler in the area who sells them. Boom, there goes my worry about everyone having the same ring.

Next question was, "Can I personalize it?"

“Hellz to the yes,” he said!

So, I told him I really wanted a three-tier diamond ring with two red rubies on the outside and a diamond in the middle. He not only found actual red rubies, but four different types and colors for me to choose from!

After only a few days, I had myself the perfect personalized ring for my soon-to-be fiancé Kaysie!

(Oh, and also a custom wedding band by the designer, too. Those pics coming soon!)

We'd like to thank UniQ Jewelry Gallery for its promotional consideration.