Amazon was recently called out for using a picture of the band Steel Panther to promote a Motley Crue documentary. After seeing this recent photo faux pas, I immediately thought about the time MLive publications mistakingly used a picture of Flint's own Ironsnake when promoting an actual KISS concert in Grand Rapids.

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The photo of Ironsnake that The Flint Journal and Bay City Times printed in 2016 was taken in the hallway at The Machine Shop. To be fair, Ironsnake band members are dressed as KISS in the photo - but it is still hilarious nonetheless.

How did this not get noticed by anyone in the editing process?

Banana 101.5 Photo
Banana 101.5 Photo

If any members of KISS are reading this - feel free to reach out to Ironsnake if you need body doubles. Or even better, consider this your official invite to come to Flint and get your own picture in the hallway at the world-famous Machine Shop.

To be clear, I am not trying to be mean to anyone at MLive. Trust me, I make mistakes too (and so does Amazon). We not laughing at you - we are all laughing with you.

What is really funny is the fact that Amazon has not replaced the Steel Panther picture on its website with a picture of Motley Crue.


Don't miss Ironsnake at Snake On The Lake, Saturday, September 3rd at The Lake Ponemah Lakeside Lodge in Fenton. You can find show details here.

Ironsnake rules!

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