Teachers impact our life's in undeniable ways.  Many of the things I do today both personally and professional can be traced back what I learned from one teacher.

Dana Marshall and Tim Todd
TSM: Dana Marshall

Mr. Todd was my Marketing teacher at the Van Buren Technical Center my Junior and Senior years.  He saw something in a poor, awkward teen with a very low self-esteem.  He not only helped me find much needed self confidence, he gave me tools I would later use to succeed.  To this day I am 15 minutes early every where I go, rock job interviews and create a killer resume.  Mr. Todd can take credit for all of that and more.

Honestly, there would be no Dana Marshall on the radio if it weren't for the constant encouragement from Mr. T.  In fact, I can't imagine how different my life would be.

I know that I am one of MANY students that greatly benefited from having Tim Todd as a teacher.

Thank you and Happy 60th Birthday Mr Todd.  You don't look a day over 59!

Mr. Tim Todd
TSM: Dana Marshall


Do you have a teacher that was instrumental in making you who you are today?

Let us know.  Tell us the teacher's name and school in the comments below.

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