I know I'm on shaky ground here, but this Sunday it drove me crazy, no pun intended, that there are virtually no speed limit signs posted on M-89, after it veers off west from M-40 in Allegan County.

Photo: Dave Benson Used by permission.

If you blink, you miss the only speed limit sign as you turn onto M-89 on the way to Fennville. And yes, the law is "The statewide maximum speed limit on all un-posted highways at 55 mph." But as any good lawyer or debater or PITA can tell you, that only tells you the maximum generically. It doesn't mean it can't drop down to 50 or 45 on a whim.

We traveled Sunday and saw a State Cop pull someone over, and on the way back, saw a County Mountie waiting in the weeds, ready to pounce. We even drove past the M-DOT office and County Road Commission site. You mean it would break the budget to post a few speed limit signs? Is stealing these signs the "senior prank"? You've got plenty of "Do Not Pass" signs. A whole bunch of highway sponsor signs, are up.

Just tell me what the speed limit is.