It's a sad day for the magic world and for the people of Colon as Dick Oslund, a very well known, long time Michigan magician has passed away at the age of 87 , just 8 days shy of his 88th birthday. Oslund was a resident of Escanaba, but frequently came to Colon, MI to perform his magic tricks, especially for the magic get-together. I discovered this news when good friend and frequent guest BJ Mallen announced it on his Facebook:

My heart is heavy. I just learned that one of my biggest magical influences and mentors passed away this morning. If you’ve ever seen my rope routine it was taught to me as a teen by this man. Rest in Peace Dick Oslund. You sure kept it simple and made it fun. Thanks for your influence.

Dick was one of the featured performers and lecturers at The Society of American Magicians annual convention In New York City back in the late 1970's. He was not only a great performer, but also a great human being. BJ Mallen actually came into the studio to perform the rope trick that Dick had taught him. So we will leave you with that memory. R.I.P good sir.

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